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  Natural  *  Sustainable  *  Eco Friendly  

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Pre -rolls

LIV HUMBL Joints are made with all natural cannabis flower and the cleanest papers on the market. Our 5 pack of half gram joints are truly amazing! We just know you will enjoy each and every puff! 


We only choose the best and most flavorful cannabis flower for our joints. One of the most important parts in the selection process is the terpene profile. Our team works hard to pick out the best flower for you! Our Joints will have your mouth bursting with flavor! 

We also put a strong focus on the safety of the cannabis we put in our joints We have a very thorough QC process to ensure every Joint is pesticide free! So you can relax and trust our products are safe! 


LIV HUMBL Joints comes in categories. 

Renew - Sativa  Relax - Indica Revive - Hybrid 

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LIV HUMBL Flower  is carefully selected from only the best ecological friendly farms. We firmly believe in taking care of our planet and carry that through out all our product lines. 


When choosing the flower we make sure to focus on the freshness, flavor and quality. This will end up giving you the best experience. The farms we work with pride themselves on growing a high quality product that our customers will love and appreciate.

All of our flower goes through a very thorough testing process to ensure it is pesticide free. This should give you confidence in using our products. 




LIV HUMBL Flower comes in categories. 

Renew - Sativa  Relax - Indica Revive - Hybrid 

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LIV HUMBL Vape cartridges are some of the most flavorful on the market. The cannabis oil is made in our facility with only the best quality material. We only use natural cannabis oil and terpenes. No cutting agents ever! 

We manufacture, formulate and produce our own cartridges. In doing this we make sure that only the best all natural ingredients are used. We also only work with the best hardware companies to make sure we are getting the highest quality cartridges. We use only ceramic cartridges to make sure there are no heavy metals. This also ensures you get the best tasting flavor. 

All of our vape cartridges are rigorously tested at multiple phases of production. You can rest assured there are no pesticides, vg, pg, or mct in our products. 

LIV HUMBL Vape comes in categories. 

Renew - Sativa  Relax - Indica Revive - Hybrid 


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