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Worried about Fake Vapes? Here's How to Spot Them!

If you have been following the news in recent months, you know about the rash of vaping-associated pulmonary injuries. How can you make sure the one you’re puffing on is safe?

As with virtually every other product available to consumers, there are no foolproof methods. There are however many ways to reduce the risk of consuming a contaminated product.

The number 1 piece of advice when it comes to avoiding counterfeit vape carts, is:  Only purchase from fully licensed vendors.

Here are some other things to look for:

Does it come in Child-Resistant Packaging? This can be tricky. The illicit market has got very good at duplicating compliant packaging.

Does it have a State License Number? Each state has a way to verify if the license is valid. Check with your state and confirm before you inhale! If you cant verify the company then its probably a fake!

Does it clearly state the total weight of the product and manufacture/package date? If not then its probably a fake.

Does it have verifiable lab results? Most labs will allow consumers to see the results of a consumer product. Look for the QR code on the side of the packaging and scan it. If a real lab result does not pop up then its probably a fake.

If any of the above items are missing from the packaging, DO NOT BUY IT. And report any suspected unlicensed activities to the Bureau of Cannabis Control using the form for online complaints about counterfeit products. 

And finally, in California, stores are required to clearly post their license number. You can also check the state Bureau of Cannabis Control website to see whether a store is a registered and licensed retailer. On the BCC website, you can search based on many criteria such as business name, license number, address, etc.  California consumers can also search for licensed retail locations on

The best way to avoid buying a fake is to only buy your products from verified licensed Dispensaries. The regulations for testing products are very strict and you can rest assured you will have a safe product if you purchase through a licensed retailer.

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